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Týn nad Vltavou is located in the central part of south Bohemia, 30 km north of České Budějovice, 125 km south of Prague.

You can reach the town by car, bus, by bike and even by foot. Enthusiasts of less traditional forms of transport can arrive in town by boat (the Vltava River is navigable north of Týn nad Vltavou to the Orlická Reservoir). Work is currently underway to make the section between the south side of the town to the Hněvkovice Dam navigable.

Bus station

Orlická 571, Týn nad Vltavou
Telephone: (+420) 385 722 187

The bus station in Týn nad Vltavou is a 10-minute walk from the city center in the direction of České Budějovice (in the direction from the center, cross the road bridge and continue past the gas station to the traffic light).

Bus stops – in the direction of Bechyně, České Budějovice, Milevsko, Veselí nad Lužnicí, Písek, Tábor, Prague.

Buses in the direction of Prague (via Bechyně, Tábor and Votice) also stop at the stop on Jiráskova Street (at the České Budějovice – Tábor road).

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Train station

Nádražní 157, Týn nad Vltavou

The South Bohemian Region canceled passenger train travel in Týn nad Vltavou effective December 15, 2013. Train service has been replaced by bus lines (see the timetable for download in the TOURISM – News section of the website). For an explanation of the reasons behind these measures, visit:

Important note:
All bus connections (listed in the attached timetable) go to Číčenice station. A note for some connections from Týn nad Vltavou to Číčenice and on to Vodňany states that the bus stops only when passengers wish to get off the bus. Hence, it is necessary that passengers traveling from Týn to Číčenice – to the railway station (and then by train) notify the bus driver so that they stop at the station. in the opposite direction, i.e., from Číčenice to Týn, all bus lines depart from the train station.

- the station is located at the edge of Týn nad Vltavou, roughly a 20-minute walk from the center on the yellow hiking path from Orlická St.
(from the square it is possible to take Horní Brašov St. or walk along the river embankment to the old iron bridge. Cross this bridge and continue along Nádražní St. to the train station).

Bus connections are available at these links:

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