The Town of Písek

The nearby town of Písek is a royal town, where the most famous attraction is undoubtedly the Stone Bridge, which dates to the 13th century and is the oldest preserved stone bridge in the country.

One of the most popular events in the city is Pískovište (previously called Cipískoviště), during which sand sculptures on a specific theme are created on the banks of the Otava by the old Stone Bridge.

Stone Bridge

An important archaeological monument in the city center is regarded as one of the oldest preserved bridges not only in the Czech Republic (it is the oldest here), but also in Europe.

Malt House

A very popular place, especially for families with children, where experiential interactive exhibitions are held. The reconstructed former malt house directly on the square now serves as an open cultural space.

Town power plant

This technical monument is the oldest public hydroelectric power plant in the Czech Republic. The original mill was rebuilt by František Křižík himself, who used the newly created power plant to supply electricity for public lighting.

Písek Stud Farm

This national cultural monument is used for horse breeding and visitors can see the area and adjacent stables with an exhibition on the history of this place first mentioned in 1811.

Město Písek
Velké náměstí 113/1
Písek 397 01

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