Židova Stream - TIPS on getting there

If you look round a bit, you can learn quite a bit about the Židova Stream. If you are curious enough, you will find out that the stream “played “ in a film and that there are also several versions explaining the origin of the name.

With the internet at your fingertips, you will find this beautiful place on the Lužnice River, discover its history and much more. But what if you really want to visit the site? Then take a look at these places – perhaps they will help you. First of all, it is important to decide whether you just want to have a look and relax, or if you want to take a serious hike to the Židova Stream. The use of the term “hike” is intentional, since the entire length of the stream is not exactly "bike friendly". If you just want to have a look and enjoy the best, head towards Netěchovice and Nuzice. But if you want a good hike, choose the direction of Bečice - Bzí or Březnice.

1) The Židova Stream begins in the village of Bzí - map.

2) The yellow hiking trail begins just before Březnicí - map.

3) If you stop in the village of Nuzice, you can make a loop on the blue and yellow trails - map.

4) The most scenic spot is at the mouth of the Lužnice River, where you can head upstream and walk through the most interesting canyon-like part - map.

5) If you want to go by bus or are looking for a place to park - take a look here.

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