Orlík Reservoir

The easiest way to reach Orlík fromTýn nad Vltavou is along the Vltava through the Kořensko lock. The Orlík Reservoir is a very interesting water area which ends with the Information Center of the Orlík Hydroelectric Power Plant.

The Information Center of the Orlík Hydroelectric Power Plant does not have fixed opening hours. It operates for group excursions booked by telephone at 737 506 950. A tour of the engine room and dam is possible after booking at the same number seven days a week, 365 days a year. Boat rides are operated in the summer from Orlík Château to the dam, with a subsequent tour of the power plant and the dam. Current information is available here.

Booking contact: Excursions to the Orlík Hydroelectric Power Plant must be booked at 737 506 950 (the line is staffed daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.), or by email pisecko@email.cz.

Other interesting places at the Orlík Reservoir include Podolský Bridge, Zvíkov Castle and Orlík Château. The Eurovelo 7 bike trail runs by the reservoir and through Týn nad Vltavou; many beautiful lookout points are located directly at the reservoir.

Infocentrum vodní elektrárny Orlík
Bohostice 999
Bohostice 262 31
+420 737 506 950

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