Semenec observation tower

It is currently the fourth smallest observation tower in the Czech Republic. Originally, a wooden pavilion stood on this site; the 5 m high concrete lookout tower built here in the 1930s offers breathtaking views of the Vltava River and the entire town of Týn nad Vltavou. You can reach the Semenec observation tower from the center of town on Tyršova St. Turn left at the Sokol gym and continue down Alej Míru on the red hiking trail to the tower (1.5 km). The red hiking trail continues on to Koloděje nad Lužnicí and, along the Lužnice, to Bechyně.

Located a short distance from the tower is the remarkable Semenec Museum of Natural History (, over an area of four hectares you will find a number of unique natural science collections intertwined with game and educational elements, adventurous tasks and activities for children, which will entertain you for the whole afternoon. For schools, it offers educational and experiential programs, which are a great addition to learning, and is the perfect place for a school trip.

Also beginning at the Semenec summit near Týn nad Vltavou is the Trail to Onen Svět ( The trail weaves through the typical picturesque south Bohemian landscape with many interesting places, where visitors have the opportunity to see numerous technical, cultural, and historical landmarks. At 66 km, it is probably the longest nature trail in the country! The route runs along the existing hiking trail from Týn nad Vltavou through the valley of the Lužnice River, through Bechyně to Stádlecký Bridge, where it turns towards Milevsko and ends at Onen Svět, a small settlement in the cadastral territory of Zahořany in the village of Kovářov. In the middle of the settlement is the wooden cottage Onen svět from 1940, after which the location is named today. The Lang observation tower was built next to the cottage in 2001 and became a symbol for the trail's logo.

The nature trail informs visitors not only about local historical, cultural, and natural science attractions, but also about nearby destinations. As the name suggests, the Trail to Onen Svět (Other World) is veiled slightly in mystery. It begins on Semenec Hill near Týn nad Vltavou,where the town gallows were once located, giving the site the name “Justice”. The symbolic end the trail is at Onen Svět (Other Word), a settlement in Kovářov. As there are various mysterious places shrouded in mystery along the trail, legends and historical stories related to these places have become an integral part of the educational panels.

The trail has the further advantage in that you can enter and exit the Trail to Onen Svět anywhere along the route, in either direction.

Connections to other trails:

The Semenec forest nature trail built by Czech Forests near Týn nad Vltavou and the Kovářovska nature trail between Kovářov and Onen Svět.


The Semenec forest nature trail starts and ends at the observation tower. Modřínová trail. The trail has a total length of 5,910 meters, 10 stops with information panels. On the trail you will learn about historical contexts and legends, interesting information about nature, and about forestry. You will see native and foreign trees, special valley communities, a naturally regenerated forest, a lookout point on a cliff over the river and much more. Something for kids, your guide along the trail is me, the forest elf Semenáček. I have prepared for you on every panel a task related to its content.

So, off to the forest – keep your eyes and ears open! You’ll find much more than appears on the panels!

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