Church of St. James

The Church of St James From the mid-13th century was originally consecrated to St. Christopher; in 1569, it was renovated and reconsecrated to St. James. In 1702, the Chapel of St. Barbara was added with a crypt for wealthy burghers. The year 1719 marked the installation of a Baroque organ,one of the best-preserved Baroque instruments in Bohemia (classical recordings). A Baroque reconstruction of the church in 1753 brought the expansion of the nave and the addition of the church tower. In 1759, the original entrance was converted into the Chapel of St. Joseph and a crypt was also built into the ground. The new Baroque entrance gable featured statues of Sts. Joseph, James and Barbara. No longer used, the church’s original cemetery was canceled after 1771. Remaining from the cemetery is a wall with a staircase and statues of St. Norbert and St. Francis of Xavier.

The spiritual administrator of the Roman Catholic parish of Týn nad Vltavou has been Václav Hes since 2016. The Church of St. James also regularly holds organ concerts,classical musical performances and Advent and Lent theatrical performances. The publicly accessible church tower offers an exhibit of paintings (


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nam. Míru
Týn nad Vltavou 375 01

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