5 best places for boating along the Vltava trail

“Ahoy” will once again be heard from the Vltava.

The boating season on the Upper Vltava began on April 1. Small and big boats, steamers and houseboats can once again be launched from most south Bohemian docks according to their operating rules. When booked at least 24 hours in advance, you can easily pass through all the locks (booking is valid in April and October). The waterway from the Lann marina in České Budějovice to the Kořensko lock past Týn nad Vltavou is therefore navigable.

Based on information from the State Navigation Administration regarding navigation restrictions, due to the hydrological situation, the fairway is not marked and navigation depths are not guaranteed. The fairway should be marked by 18/ 4/ 2019.

The main gateway that opens up experiences in our area is the Kořensko locks. That is why we rank it first among the most important places. Nothing is possible without locks.


1 - Kořensko

River kilometer 200.35 (or slightly past it in the direction of Prague) is the place decisive for the length of the boating season. Once you manage to cross the 8-meter level difference, you are one "anchor" in Týn nad Vltavou.

Contact: +420 601 090 289 (book in April and October at 385 721 812)

2 - Hněvkovice (weir)

A short way past Týn nad Vltavou, upstream of the Vltava River and along the renovated period horse-drawn train track is Hněvkovice Weir. The lock at kilometer 208.9 was the last to be completed (in 2017), thus connecting České Budějovice with Prague and, of course, Hamburg, by water.

Contact: +420 601 090 288 (book in April and October at 385 721 812)


3 - Hněvkovice (reservoir)

Perhaps the biggest thrill is waiting at the Hněvkovice Reservoir. The 15-meter drop of the lock takes boats to the reservoir or downstream on the Vltava. This moment is unforgettable and it is definitely one of the reasons to cruise the Vltava. You will find this technical convenience at river kilometer 210.39.

Contact: 385 721 812

4 - Hluboká nad Vltavou

Keep your head up as you approach kilometer 229.04. Or at least keep your eyes out, as monumental Neo-Gothic Hluboká Château standing on a hill is approaching. After passing through the lock with a 3-meter differential, turn around and enjoy the beautiful view, which is also visible from the Hluboká marina.

Contact: +420 601 346 462 (book in April and October at 723 454 602)

5 - České Vrbné

The last obstacle on the Vltava Trail running from Kořensko (after which there is a turnoff to the Lužnice and Mitrowicz Château in Koloděje), through Týn nad Vltavou, Purkarec, Hluboká nad Vltavou to České Budějovice, is the lock in České Vrbné. Locted above the lock is a protected marina and water sports center – Areál Lídy Polesné. České Vrbné is already part of the town of České Budějovice. The river kilometer here shows 233.10 and the lock differential is 7 meters.

Contact: +420 702 005 307 (book in April and October at 723 454 602)

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